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Big toe arthritis (1st MTP joint) – What is new on the horizon! Big toe arthritis is a common condition that typically affects the 1st metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint. This frequently leads to pain and swelling in this area, and difficulty ‘pushing off’ when mobilising. Many women find it unmanageable to wear high heels due to limited motion of that joint. Thankfully, a new technique has recently become available in Australia.
Why Bunion surgery is not what it used to be. How far we have come? While I perform all aspects of foot and ankle surgery, one of the most common conditions that I manage is bunions. Patients present with bunion deformities for several reasons. These range from cosmetic concerns, difficulty with footwear, pain under the ball of their foot, or pain over the bunion itself.
Bunion discomfort and pain
What causes bunion pain? Up to a third of the adult population have bunions, but not everyone experiences bunion pain. If you are one of the ‘unlucky’ ones to have these symptoms, you have probably often wondered what the cause of this bunion pain is. Dr. Smith takes a look at some of the common reasons that your bunions may be painful, and what you can do to help alleviate bunion pain.
Keyhole bunion surgery
Will keyhole bunion surgery become the gold standard? There are many surgical techniques described for bunion surgery. Despite bunion surgery having been performed for over 100 years, there has yet to be a technique that has been considered as the ‘Gold Standard’. With over 100 different operations described, Surgeons perform this procedure differently all around the world. With the recent development of keyhole bunion surgery, one must watch this space with great interest.
Plantar Fasciitis Myths
Plantar Fasciitis Treatment – Myths Exposed Plantar fasciitis is a very common condition resulting in chronic heel pain. The condition represents irritation / inflammation of the plantar fascia. With progression, tears in the plantar fascia may develop. The pain is classically worse in the mornings or following long periods of rest. Given how common plantar fasciitis is, many myths have arisen surrounding this condition and plantar fasciitis treatment. Dr. Mike Smith discusses some of the more common misconceptions.
Bunion myths
Bunions – Myths Exposed A bunion, also know as a ‘Hallux valgus deformity’, is a painful deformity that occurs at the base of the big toe (the 1st MTP joint). A complex mechanism results in a painful prominence forming on the inside of the great toe, and the toe itself begins to migrate towards the 2nd toe.
Bone structure of the foot
Dr. Mike Smith – Foot Surgeon in Adelaide Determining whether foot surgery is the best option for your condition can be a difficult decision. The foot is a complex mechanism that has many bone and joints that may be affected by arthritis and progressive deformity.