Key Hole Bunion Surgery

Advantages of this minimally invasive technique

Quicker Recovery
Minimal Scarring
Reduced discomfort
Day procedure
One or Both feet
Immediate weight bearing


Keyhole bunion corrections were originally developed in France and the UK, as a technique for allowing the correction of bunion (hallux valgus) deformities through tiny incisions (2-3mm) on the side of the toe. This technique has revolutionised the field of bunion surgery corrections and is now available in Adelaide.


Bunion Deformities

A bunion is an abnormal angulation of the bones of the great toe (hallux). There is often, but not always, a strong family history of this condition. Often a combination of pain, difficulty with footwear, and cosmetic concern, lead one to seek treatment.

Keyhole bunion corrections allow for this correction to be performed utilising a minimally invasive technique with reduced scarring.

How are the bunions corrected through ‘keyhole’?

Dr. Smith performs all of his bunion corrections utilising a keyhole technique. This involves a specialised ‘burr’ that is able to re-align the bones through tiny (2-3mm) incisions. An xray machine is used during the procedure to allow Dr. Smith to visualise the correction without having to make lengthly incisions in the foot. Small screws are used to stabilise the alignment, and allowing patients to weight bear (mobilise) the same day.

When to consider having your bunions corrected?

Pain over the bunion itself
Pain through the ball of your foot
Difficulty with footwear
Cosmetic concern
Development of Hammer /Claw toes

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