A common and simple injury can cause ankle arthritis.
A surprisingly common and simple injury can cause ankle arthritis Ankle arthritis is less common that Hip and Knee arthritis. In fact, while Hip and Knee arthritis is commonly attributed to genetics and ‘wear and tear’ with increasing age, the ethology of ankle arthritis is often quite different.
Illustration showing tendons of ankle
What exactly have you injured when you sprain your ankle? Ankle injuries are extremely common. They occur in people of all ages, and the most common ankle injury is an ankle sprain. The term ‘sprain’ is frequently used to describe a ‘soft tissue’ injury, where the bones around the ankle have not fractured, however the ligaments and capsule that surround the joint are injured. With the ankle sprain being so common, it is time to take a look at what the ankle ligaments are, and which ones are frequently injured at the time of injury.