Midfoot / Hindfoot Fusion

Arthritis of the midfoot/hindfoot is a common presentation. Patients experience weight bearing induced pain, that is usually chronic in nature. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, if conservative options have failed to alleviate the symptoms, then a selective fusion / arthrodesis may be required. A fusion of the affected joint, prevents painful movement of the joint, where there is no longer protective cartilage lining the bone surfaces.

Dr. Smith performs midfoot/hind-foot joint fusion procedures as either a day procedure, or overnight stay, depending on a number of factors. These will be discussed with you at the time of your original consultation. There is a period of non weight bearing required following these procedures, to allow sufficient healing / union of the affected joint. Dr. Smith will discuss this with you and go through some of the mobility aids that will assist you during this period of time. 

Typically, any bony spurs that are present are removed, and the joint surfaces are prepared. The Joint is then held in position with titanium screws or plates / staples.  Often bone graft is used to increase the rate of successful union of the two bones. Any associated angulation is often corrected at the time of the procedure.

A bandage will be applied, and often a Moon boot is used. A non weight bearing period of typically 6 weeks is then commenced while the bones unite / heal. Dr Smith will review you at both the 2 week, and 6 week point of your journey. An xray will be taken 6 weeks after the procedure, with the view to commence a re-loading program from there.


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